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which means No Warranty.

If you buy a car from a private individual (for example, through classified websites or newspaper ads), you are probably buying the car "as is". Without a written contract with specific repair provisions, the seller has no further responsibility for the car.

When a vehicle is sold "as is", the seller's only obligation, without a written warranty, is to sell you a vehicle that is capable of providing basic transportation - nothing more. Of course, if you have a written contract, the seller must live up to the promises stated in the contract. Depending on its age, the car may be covered by a manufacturer's warranty or service contract. Ask us for details.

which mean Full Coverage Warranty

It does precisely what the name implies: covers virtually everything from the front bumper to the rear for the first seven (7) days. With this types of warranty we usually provide coverage for most parts and repairs on a vehicle, we don't cover everything. Accessories or added options are typically not included in the items covered under the terms of this warranty.

which cover only Engine and Transmission

The most common used car warranty in South Korea, is 30 days warranty that will cover only major drivetrain (the engine/transmission). A car dealership offers this type of warranty.

Only about one-half of all used cars sold by dealers come with a written warranty. The other half are sold "as is," without a written warranty.

which cover Minor Repairs, Tweaks, and Adjustments

Minor repair includes Checking, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and calibrating of minor assemblies only. There may be additional charges for replacement parts.

which cover only Engine and Transmission Replacement

This warranty is only for complete engine and transmission failure!

Warranty Coverage At A Glance

Mr. Bill's Cars - Warranty Terms and Coverage’s

Time Limit    Coverage Example

"AS-IS" - No Warranty Whatsoever
  7 Days - Limited Bumper to Bumper
30 Days - Limited Warranty
30 Days - Engine and Transmission Replacement
60 Days - Engine and Transmission Replacemen
90 Days - Engine and Transmission Replacement

Only Mr. Bill's Cars provide a unique 7-days limited bumper-to-bumper warranty on our best selling cars.

Most of our vehicles carries this 30 days auto brokers warranty for your peace of mind!


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