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Payment Method

Acceptable Payment Methods:

1. We only accept CASH.

2. Cash Requirement is U.S. Dollars (USD), Sorry!   We do not accept checks or credit cards

3. When you commit to buying the vehicle, we will ask for a deposit to make sure you are serious. This may be $200, $300, even $500.  This deposit is non-refundable.   Non refundable means it wont be refunded if you back out.

4. Normally we will hold the deposit until you come to take possession of the car usually 2-3 days after you have made a commitment to buying it.   This deposit will reduce the cash price payable on your used car.

5. You can also make the full payment at once and take the car.   If you have the cash to pay in full.

Address:  Keukdong Jahanpyeong Used Car Market 301 Na-1 3F B/Dong, 234 Yongdap-Dong, Sungdong-Gu, Seoul Korea.
Phone:  010-4555-6266
Mobile:  02-798-6620